Om or Aum An absolute word

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Saturday, January 10, 2009 | 8:14 AM

Om generally pronounced as aum while enchanting it not merely a word but a miracle, a power of the trinity Vishnu, Brahma and Mahesh. The sound revertebrates throughout the Universe and our bodies.. It should be enchanted in a meditative fashion to get maximum benefit.

How to perform Om chanting

Every day when we start performing yoga we should start by enchanting om and end by it. The proper procedure is as follows:
We should sit in sukhasana or padmasana and inhale to maximum of our lung capacity. Now word om should be enchanted by breaking it into three parts. After full inhalation open your mouth chanting Aa, then close your mouth opening partially and chant Oo and lastly after closing the mouth chant Mm. Making it Aum. This completes one cycle.

Om enchanting should be done at least five times when you start performing yoga and end by enchanting 5 times.

Benefits of Om enchanting

Om enchanting is the best way to energize yourself. While chanting om all the muscles of vocal cord gets activated. All the five senses gets stimulated. Om enchanting gives a special sense of being fit and it boosts energy circulation in our entire body.

Some more details about om or Aum
Of all the mantras, the most powerful and the significant one is the single-syllabled incantation called the Pranava. This is the OM. The available literature upon the significances of the Vedic mantra is almost voluminous. Nowhere in the world can we meet with a more sacred symbol that has got such a vast amount of significance.

From Vedic times until the present day the word 'OM' has been taken as a symbol and as an aid to meditation by spiritual aspirants. It is accepted both as one with 'Brahman' and as the medium, the Logos, connecting man and God. The entire history of the syllable is in the revelations of the Vedas and in the declarations of the Upanishads.


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