Hasyashana A balance of mind

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Saturday, January 10, 2009 | 8:31 AM

Laughing has been considered most valuable thing as it brings you closest to proper Hasya mean laugh is a laughing yoga. Which help to set rid of irritation and stress and control anger. If you control your stress and anger your efficiency increases like anything. For a balance between mind and soul, this yoga is beneficial which neither require a yoga teacher nor any yoga equipment.

How to perform hasyasana

Laughing in any form is though to be beneficial but performing hasyasana as per procedure provides maximum benefits. For performing hasyasana, sit in sukhasana or padmasana, closing their eyes. Now start gradually by smiling and try to feel happy and think that you have nothing to do in the world and free from all burden and ailments. Gradually start laughing and increase intensity of laughing to louder and louder as much as you can and permitted. Laugh freely raising both your hands up. After reaching peak, gradually start decreasing the intensity with same pace as you have increased lowering the volume of laughter till it comes to a calm smile from where you have started. This completes one round.


Repeat the entire procedures for three rounds per day. You can do it even in the evening after your duty hours.

Benefits of hasyasana

This yoga is beneficial to overcome stress and anxiety. It balance your mind. It develops a healthy mind and gives a sense of relaxation keeping completely off from physical ailments as well as mental tensions like irritation, anger and depression. It even clears your throat and strengthens your lung.


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