Sirsasana:Yoga for hair fall and greying of hair

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Friday, January 23, 2009 | 9:03 PM

Sirsasana is considered as king of all the asanas as it supplies pure blood to brain which is connected to our whole body function and acts as regulator. Thus in short sirsasana controls and relulates all body function, as it increases blood supply to scalp and brain, this yoga has been proven to be very much effective in preventing loss of hair and immature greying of hair. Though there are numerous other benefits which will be narrated below.

How to perform sirsasana

First of all sirsasana should not be performed in an open or bare floor, a cushion should be made using any yoga clothings which should be fresh and clean. Now interlocking the fingers of both hand , rest upto elbow on the ground keeping the cushion in between the hands. Now the front portion of the head and knees, controlling your body weight on neck and elbow, start lifting your legs from the ground level, while bending one knee lift it straight, similarly lift the second leg and bend upto knees in air and try to balance.
Now one by one gradually lift the legs in air and make them straight, join both the legs together and to avoid falling backward, bend your legs slightly forward. Now close your eyes and breath normally. While coming back to normal position, same steps should be done in reverse order.
After coming back to normal position stand straight for a while or perform shavasana to normalize the blood circulation.

Duration and timing of sirsasana

At initial stage sirsasana yoga exercise should be performed for 15 seconds. After gaining expertise it can be extended to as much as 30 minutes. Performing for longer duration needs supervision of a trained yoga teacher or at yoga training center.

Benefits of Sirsasana

As mentioned above Sirsasana is considered as king of all the yoga exercise or asanas as it provides pure blood to brain which is the controlling authority of whole body. Hence it prevents diseases of eye, ear and nose. Pineal gland and pitutary glands are activated due to this Sirsasana also helps in increasing memory. It provides sharpness and increases concentration of mind.

Sirsasana is also helpful in ailments like inflammation of intestine called colitis, hernia, hydrocoele and even varicose veins.

Sirsasana is very much effective in constipation and liver disorders as it activates digestive system. Sirsasana activates thyroid glands thus prevents hypothyroidism and helps in curbing obesity and menstral irregularities in women.

In men sirsasana cures certain ailments like male impotence, infertility due to azoospermia and also helps in maintaining celibacy.

Beauty conscious person should always perform this yoga exercise as sirsasana increases the glow and vitality of the face and skin and also prevents hair fall and premature greying of hair.

Precautions taken for Sirsasana

First of all sirsasana should not be done in a vague manner and it will be better to perform under a good yoga teacher having yoga teaching certification.
Any person having pain in ears or any discharge should not perform sirsasana. Person suffering from any heart disease, high blood pressure, unduly redness of eyes or cold and cough should not perform sirsana until they are completely normalized.
Sirasasana should be performed ideally in the early morning and in normal body temperature, so person suffering from any type of fever should avoid sirsasana.

Thus sirsasana on a whole is a yoga exercise which not only prevents hair fall and premature greying but also effective in various ailments.


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how days will it take for blackening of grey hair

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Tu to ganja ho chuka bhudde bhul jaa shirsasana kuch nhi hoga.....

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I am also doing everyday... It has lots of benefits.

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