Vayu mudra : yoga mudra for Parkinson disease

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Saturday, February 7, 2009 | 5:11 AM

It might be strange but truth, a hand mudra can be helpful in diseases like Parkinsonism, sciatica and even paralysis. These problems is supposed to be related to vayu and vayu mudra is very much nelpful in these conditions.

How to perform vayu mudra

Fold the index finger and join it with the root of the thumb, put slight pressure with the thumb. The remaining three fingers should be straight as shown in picture.

Benefits of vayu mudra

As mentioned above this yoga mudra helps in combatting problems related to vayu like Parkinson disease, Gas formation in stomach and even helpful in paralysis. This yoga mudra is extremely beneficial in joints related problems like sciatica, gout, arthritis and simple joint pain. Vayu yoga mudra also helps in giving relief to nech and spinal pain. Blood related problems also see some help by doing vayu hand mudra.


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