Shavasana Yoga to control depression

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Saturday, January 10, 2009 | 7:57 AM

Shav is a Sanskrit word meaning a dead body. This yoga is based on acquiring a posture of a dead body.
Now a days in this fast World most of the person are a victim of insomnia due to depression or mental fatigue. They are in search for a way of relaxation and ends up with something causing more tension. Shavasan is the best and simplest way to fight against today’s most common ailment.

How to perform Shavasana
It is the easiest and simplest yoga to perform and best way to attain mental peace. One should lie on the back, keeping both legs straight and apart by at least a foot. Both arms should be on floor a bit away from torso and palm should face above. Posture should be just like a dead body. Body should be at ease and loose enough and mind fully relaxed. The entire attention should be on breathing. Inhalation and exhalation should be from nostrils and in a rhythmic pattern.

The procedure should be performed for at least 5 minutes every day to attain calmness of mind and body and have maximum benefit.

Benefit of Shavasana
Depression, anxiety and mental disorder are the upcoming demons now a days and shavasana is the best way to fight against them. It also helps to get rid of physical as well as mental fatigue. It overcomes tension and is a great cure for insomnia. It keeps us cool and calm and provides the best way of relaxation.


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