Ujjayee Pranayama

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Sunday, January 4, 2009 | 8:06 PM

Snoring is a common problem during sleep and it not only irritates other but also the person in sleep may face some problem like apnoea.
Ujjayee Pranayam is good for those who snores, becomes fatigue easily and having thyroid related problems.

How to Perform Ujjayee Pranayama
All pranayama starts after sitting in a sukhasana or padmasana posture. In Ujjayee pranayam one should sit in sukhasana, closing their eyes, relaxed and breathing normally. Now after full exhalation, one should inhale with both nostrils fully and neck muscles should be contracted to produce a low, uniformally pitched and continuous sobbing sound. A vibration in chest and head areas may be felt. Breath should be holded as long as one can. Now forming the pranayama posture, the right nostril should be closed with right thumb and one should exhale from left nostril or simply from mouth. There should be no rush while exhalation. Thus one round of Ujjayee Pranayam is completed. In Ujjayee pranayama some suggest to exhale from mouth as this is beneficial for asthama patients. Ujjayee pranayama can be done in lying as well as in standing position also. Ujjayee Pranayama in standing position must be practiced in fresh air, when the body is not tired, when the body temperature is normal, and when the practitioner is not in a hurry.

It should be repeated 3-5 times and at least two sets in a day. Start doing 1-2 times in one set daily and increase gradually.

Benefits of Ujjayee Pranayama
Ujjayee Pranayama is very much helpful in asthamatics as it helps in increasing the capacity of lungs, it helps in tackling thyroid problems. Those who are obese and have the habit of snoring, this yoga practice can do a miracle i few days and may curb snoring to a great extent. It is also helpful in removing any blockages thus regulating blood supply and preventing heart diseases. It is also useful in person having mental fatigue and other brain problems.

Precaution taken while doing Ujjayee Pranayama
Ujjayee pranayama should not be done in standing position during any stress or fatigueness. This yoga is not done in empty stomach. Best time is to perform in morning when mind and body are fresh.


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