Virasana : Yoga to tone your body

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | 1:29 PM

Virasana also spelled as veerasana literally means a posture of leader or a brave posture. Veer in sanskrit means a brave, a leader or a chief.

In todays world where there is no time to relax till your work is finished in the evening and even a good sleep doesnt provide a perfect relaxation, virasana is the answer. This yoga is a perfect relaxation for the body and energize you internally and make you fresh again to fight this world, thus the name is virasana.

Virasana gives releif to tired legs and body, it tone up your body and can be done even during pregnancy period when there is an absolute need to relax, not only physically but also menatally.

How to perform Virasana

After sitting in the kneeling position, both feet should be kept besides your buts, while your body should be perpendicular with your thighs which is on the floor, the inner knees should touch each other. The sole of feet should face upwards and angle your big toes slightly in toward each other and press the top of each foot evenly on the floor. Firm your shoulder blades against the back ribs and lift the top of your sternum like a proud warrior. Widen the collar bones and release the shoulder blades away from the ears. Lengthen the tailbone into the floor to anchor the back torso.

Keep yourself in this posture for 1-3 minutes at initial stage and being in this pose inhale and exhale constantly.

While coming to normal position first press your hands against the floor to lift your buttocks up, slightly higher than the heels. Then cross your ankles underneath your buttocks, sit back over the feet and onto the floor, then stretch your legs out in front of you. It can be repeated 3-4 times which may tone up your whole body and gives you a sense of relaxation.

Benefits of virasana

Virasana is the yoga for a warrior, it tone up your whole body and rejunevate you. It re energize you and provide the lost strength. It increases celebacy. It is also useful for gas in the stomach and indigestion.

Virasana is a very helpful yoga for hypertensive and asthama patient and have a therapeutic role in these diseases.

In women this yoga is strongly recommended at all ages as in menopausal women , it relives from menopausal symptoms, in pregnancy it reduces the swelling of the foot or pedal edema. After childbirth it helps in weight loss without hampering nutrition which is essential at that stage.

It strengthen the arch and make your body in proper shape.

Precaution for virasana

A person with knee or ankle injury should perform this yoga with caution and it is better to get cured and then to start thsi yoga. In heart diseases this yoga should be done cautiously.

If you are suffering from chronic headache, it is better to avoid this yoga.

The conclusion is that this yoga virasana is helpful for women in all conditions and is one of the yoga recommended during pregnancy to reduce pedap edema especially in second trimester.


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