Sarvangasana Yoga for weight loss and increasing height

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Saturday, January 24, 2009 | 11:53 PM

Obesity and diabetes are inter related and a common organ being the culprit is thyroid gland and sometimes pitutary gland apart from pancreas. Sarvangasana rejunevates thyroid gland and pitutary glands and their functions are activated thus helpful in controlling obesitity which at most most of the time is due to thyroid insufficiency and helps to increase in height with is stunned mainly due to pituatary insufficiency.

How to perform Sarvangasana

You should lie down on the back keeping feets together and hands along the body with palm touching the ground. Now after inhalation raise the legs slowly upwarrd first to 30 degree then 60 and finally 90 degree. The trunk should also be lifted. A support from the hands can be taken by keeping them on the back.The toes should be joined and straight. Fix your eyes on to your toes or keep them close. Retain this posture as mentioned below in timing and duration.

Now while returning back to normal position bend the legs slightly backward, remove both the hand from your back whcih was used for support and regain your original position.

After doing sarvangasana proper rest should be taken for same duration as was used, in shavasana posture.
Matsyasana is considered as a complimentary yoga exercise for sarvangasana, so before taking rest in Shavasana, one should perform matsyasana for maximum benefit.

Duration and timing for Sarvangasana

In the initial stage sarvangasana should be done for 2-3 minutes which can be extended upto 30 minutes after having command. Performing sarvangasana in the initial stage in the supervision of yoga teacher or at yoga training center will be more safe.

Benefits of sarvangasana

As mentioned above sarvangasana activates and rejunevates thyroid gland thus provide remarkable benefit in case of overweight, obesity, diabetes and weakness and even in menstral abnormalities in females. Sarvangasana activates pitutary gland thus is helpful in increasing height in person with stunned growth or short stature. Sarvangasana also provides strength to adrenals, testicles and ovary thus problems like infertility is taken care off.

Sarvangasana has been beneficial for asthamatics as the abdominal muscles are exercised and diaphragm gets toned up.

The main importance of sarvangasana is that, it has all the benefits of sirsasana and has been a good alternative for those in which sirsasana is prohibited or forbidden.


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