Vaman Dhouti for Gerd relief

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Sunday, January 18, 2009 | 9:07 AM

If you are not aware of Sanskrit words, you can have a Sanskrit English dictionary as the nomenclature of yoga in mostly in sanskrit.
Vaman dhouti is a process to clean stomach. It is very much helpful in gerd relief. Gerd meaning gastroesophageal reflux disease.
Dhouti is a samskrit word meaning cleaning of stomach. In this process there are four types of asanas and Vaman Dhouti is one of them.

Vaman Dhouti for Gerd symptoms

Vaman dhouti means cleaning by vomitting, it cleans the stomach and gives relief in gerd symptoms like heart burn, acid reflux etc. This is a process of cleaning by vomitting.

Yoga equipments for Vaman Dhouti

Vaman dhouti ideally should be done in the morning. Not much yoga equipment is required except a container with 1-2 liters or lukewarm water having small quantity of salt. This procedure should be done under supervision of any yoga teacher initially.

How to perform Vaman Dhouti

In the morning after being free from morning chores, person should be in light yoga clothings. Now drink the prepared water as much as you can irrespective of the taste.A nauseating sensation can be felt. After drinking sufficient water keep your legs cloer and bend to 90 degree forward and put your left middle and index finger and touch the throat, this will induce vomitting and the water which you had will be vomitted out, repeat touching the throat and vomit till all the water comes out. This whole process is also called badhi kriya.

Benefits of Vaman Dhouti

This yoga will remove the phlegm, abnormal bile and all the undigested food from the stomach. and makes the upper gastrointestinal tract clean. Person having any problem related to phlegm like asthama, stuffy nose, or having Gerd symptoms like acid reflux will be benefitted.
It also normalizes fever through perspiration, dizziness and related problems are also curbed.

Duration for Vaman Dhouti

For treatment purpose in case of acid reflux or any other disease it should be done once in a weak. For normal healthy person once in fortnight is sufficient.

Precaution taken while doing Vaman Dhouti

Vaman dhouti is not a yoga for beginners. It should be performed under supervision of trained yoga teacher. Those having congestion of eyes or any bleeding problem should not perform this yoga. It should be performed in as proper manner and person having heart disease should avoid this.


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