Kunjar Kriya or Gajkarni for acid reflux

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | 6:43 AM

Kunjar or Gaja both are sanskrit word which means elephant. This yoga is almost same as Vaman Dhouti and the only difference is that as in Vaman dhouti water is expelled as vomitus by vomitting again and again, here the entire water comes out in a single stretch just like elephant which takes water in their trunk and throws out at once. This is why this yoga procedure is called Kunjar kriya or Gajkarni meaning working like an elephant.

Yoga equipments for Kunjar kriya or Gajkarni

Kunjar kriya or Gajkarni ideally should be done in the morning. Not much yoga equipment is required except a container with 1-2 liters or lukewarm water having small quantity of salt. This procedure should be done under supervision of any yoga teacher initially.

Procedure of Kunjar kriya or Gajkarni

Drink the prepared water as much as you can exactly as in Vaman dhouti. Then contract your throat, mouth and neckand inhale forcibly just as in Ujjayee pranayama or inhale the air by mouth just like drinking water in a gulp. Now the abdomen is contracted which enables the water coming out of stomach just like a waterfall. A slight pressure on the abdomen by the left hand is permitted.

Benefits of Kunjar kriya or Gajkarni

It cleans the stomach and helps in secreting gastric juice thus curbing indigestion. It prevents acid reflux. It is very much helpful in controlling asthama and includes all the benefits of Vaman dhouti.

Apart from Vaman dhouti and Kunjar kriya, other two types of dhouti are Vastra dhouti and dand dhouti.


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