Gurudasana : Yoga for kidney problems

Written By Dr. S. Choudhary on Friday, February 6, 2009 | 4:38 AM

As the name suggest guruda meaning kidney, this yoga gurudasana is extremely beneficial for one suffering from any type of kidney related problems or any urinary problems. Even in elderly where prostate enlargement is most commonly seen and is the most important cause of urinary retention, this yoga gurudasana has been very much effective.

How to perform gurudasana

After standing straight the right leg should be brought forward over left leg and should be coiled around left leg. In the similar fashion both the hands should be coiled and both palms should touch each other just like namaskara position. same should be repeated from the other side by coiling left leg around the right leg.

Timing and duration of gurudasana

In the initial stage stand in this posture of gurudasana for 15-30 seconds, gradually increase the time, patients having kidney disorders may perform gurudasana for 15-25 minutes.

Benefits of gurudasana

As mentioned above gurudasana is a yoga extremely beneficial for kidney related problems, this yoga also helps in curing hydrocoele, gurudasana also helps in curbing problems of prostate thus helpful in person having urinary retention and other urinary problems.


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